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Become a Green Zone Dream Maker!

You can invest in an individual or family and equip them to make their dreams come true so they can experience a meaningful and positive future!

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Through your contribution, you can give families experiencing financial challenges the resources, programs, tools, and community support they need to create meaningful, joyful, and fulfilled lives.

Our mission is to help Neurodiverse individuals and families achieve greater emotional, mental and spiritual well-being so they believe their dreams and desires can become a reality and can move forward with clarity and confidence to achieve them.(We call this the Green Zone.)

Our Green Zone program equips them with the understanding, tools, and skills needed to obtain employment, make social and meaningful connections, engage in meaningful relationships, move towards independence, and improve their mental health and their overall emotional well-being.

You might ask, how can I make a difference in these individuals’ lives for the better? How can I make a direct impact to help someone who is Neurodiverse to have the same opportunity to live an intentional and fulfilling life as me?

We are approached daily by individuals in need of our programs and services, but who cannot afford them due to the low disability incomes many of those diagnosed are provided.

Here’s how you can make a difference.

By becoming a monthly Dream Maker, you can invest in an individual or family and equip them to make their dreams come true so they can experience a meaningful and positive future. Your investment into our program will directly impact someone who may be stuck in a place of hopelessness and despair. With your generous contribution, we can provide services to someone who is looking to find hope, motivation, and courage. You have the power to give someone a better quality of life. Someone who desires a better life but is limited due to financial restraint.

Meet our Former Students!

Their testimonials are the true indicators of the good you are doing by being a part of our mission.

Alejandro is one of our former students and today he is a full-time graphic designer. He never considered his Autism diagnosis as a downfall, but limited social skills and the community's lack of understanding kept him from pursuing what he truly wanted to do. CLICK HERE to read Alejandro's full story and see how he overcame life hurdles after completing our program.

Remmick is one of our original Artistas' Baristas when we first opened our cafe. Today he is one of the creative minds behind the scenes at Neuroshifts designing some of our awesome web pages! CLICK HERE to read Remmick's full story and see how his experience going through our program has helped him to become independent and live a Green Zone Life!

We are so proud of Ray! A former student who continues to use the skills learned in our program to live his life with purpose! CLICK HERE to be inspired by one very cool individual!