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Donate and change lives forever.

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Donate and change lives forever.

Your donation provides Neurodiverse young adults and their families access to our programs that help them achieve their dreams and desires. Many of the desires that we take for granted, seem unreachable for those in the Autism and Neurodiverse community and their families.
For some of our young adults, their dreams may be as simple as making just one friend, finding meaningful employment, or merely a desire to understand their own diagnosis and accept themselves for who they are. Many families who have Neurodiverse members aren’t living happy and fulfilled lives either. Instead, they live in a place of worry and fear due to the limited opportunities for their loved ones, due to the pervasive stigma surrounding Autism or being “different”.
Our programs provide opportunities for these individuals and their families to achieve their life's greatest desires, while also passionately educating our community to help create a more loving, compassionate, and inclusive world.
Your contribution will help to make all of these dreams come true!


“Before graduating High School, I found myself in a very hopeless situation. I was scared of my future and thought my life would be a miserable one. I had no hope for the future or for a suitable job. I found my courage and motivation after going through the program at Neuroshifts. I was able to accept what is different about me and be confident that everything would work out for me. Today I am working as a licensed insurance agent, and I am very hopeful about my future.” Nick- Former Student

The more people that walk around this planet with purpose, the better off we’re going to be.If you have something that is really important, no matter how big or how small, there’s somebody born to do it. Don’t eliminate a large portion of the population by ignoring those who are Neurodiverse." Arlo- Employer

Foundations for Friendships is amazing! You get to meet new friends, have fun, and I would recommend this to anyone!" Tucker- Current FIGZ Member